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MFOS Blog 15 November

Just announced!

Hero Peter “Beatle” Collins will thrill festival goers with his sculptured piece ‘Wave out of Water’ on display during the Festival at Manly Wharf Forecourt udring the festival!

Peter “Beatle” Collins

Title: “Wave out of Water”

Dimensions: 5.5 x 1.6 x 2m high

Materials: Steel, concrete, mesh, sticks

In waves was heard the very first word,

Rhythm rhyme reason in time,

Not straight nor square,

They’re curves that serve,

Transformations artful creation.

Affected cause evokes effect,

Inevitably exact conformation,

Intangible action provokes reaction,

Direct truthful ramification,

Eternally universal emitters transmit,

Musically coded dictations.

Invisibly invincible through all waves slip,

From outer galactic source,0

Fields of synchronicity,

Frequencies beyond infinity,

They force an eclectic course.

Waves process power load in mode,

Pulse dance but matter won’t advance,

Energy progresses, material stresses,

Till recess where waves remain.

Oceans roll inspiring emotion,

Thrive alive pitch pump and surge,

Riders respond senses merged,

Feel zeal of natural verve.

Waves of bliss, tides of sorrow,

Yesterday weighs toll tomorrow,

While illumination flows,

Waves of answers glow,

Yet only colours show,

The increments that we know.

Peter Collins, August, 2010.