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Film legend Jack McCoy to host nightly movies…

We asked Jack McCoy to be a part of this years Manly Festival of Surfing and he not only agreed, but he will be there to introduce the shows. He asked if he could pick 3 programs that he want to share and here is his reply….

“WOW Stoked to be a part of the festival. Let me see, what do I want to come watch also on the big screen.

Well the first would have to be the Green Iguana. I showed it in Hawaii last year at the Honolulu Academy of Arts and it looked so good BIG it will be unreal to share with everyone at the Festival.

We have some extra time before the Harry Potter screening so I’m going to show my award winning short film THE MORNING GLASS. This is the movie I made on the trip to Tahiti with Laird when he rode that wave. I’ve got a interesting story about how I shot that wave and I’ll share that story and TMG film as a curtain raiser before the Iguana.

On Friday night I’m calling for one of my personal favourites, OCCY, The Occumentary. We had so much fun making it and it’s always better seen on the big screen. Can’t wait. We’ll have a few minutes to do a Q&A about the making of the film.

On Saturday I’ve chosen another film of mine, all rockin and little talkin, 9 LIVES. I’ve not seen this film in about 10 years and itchin to see it BIG. Again we’ll have some time on this night also to show THE MORNIG GLASS with the Q & A.

Just want to thank the Manly Festival of Surfing organisers for asking me to share these films and look forward to seeing you all there.¬†¬† Aloha Jack”

Come one, come all. Your chance to see some classic Jack McCoy films on the BIG SCREEN with Jack giving you some behind the scenes interaction!

$10 tickets, 5pm Thursday  РSaturday during the festival at Manly Cinemas