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EVENTS // Surf Books

The authors and stars of all your favourite surf books and DVD’s will be wandering the festival site, with some sneaky in-store appearances taking place.

Plus legends of the surf past and present will be on hand to autograph festival merchandise for your very own keepsake!

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Stoked – Bob McTavish

The book, Bob McTavish… Stoked! is about the formation of the original Aussie surf culture in the sixties, the Cast-your-fate-to-the-winds lifestyle we adopted so we could chase surf everyday. The crazy antics like stowing away to Hawaii, eating spiders, and jumping off cliffs; the survival techniques like getting paid to get a mohawk, living on bread and bananas for weeks on end, the travel on the scunge, sleeping in old cars or where-ever. And all the time progressing as a surfboard shaper, culminating in the development of the shortboard.

Bob MacTavish is an inspiration to surfing progression and will be in-store signing copies of his book.

11:00am Saturday 20 November

Billabong Manly

63 The Corso, Manly. (02) 9976 3763

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“Return to Wild Australia” – Surfing World Magazine

Surfing World is Australia’s oldest surfing magazine – Since 1962, a mag that has always had a deeply spiritual connection with the coastlines of the Australian outback.

The festival is proud to play host for the launch of “Return to Wild Australia”, Surfing World’s return to where desert and sea collide.

A beautiful hardcover, perfect bound issue is the very definition of what Australian adventurism is all about and features superb photography from the country’s finest surf lensman, deep ocean swells that detonate on impossibly ruthless earth.

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Beneath the Waves – Layne Beachley

Beneath the Waves is a biography of one of the biggest names in women’s surfing. It documents her story from birth through to the present, acknowledging that there will be more to come. She began surfing at age four and according to all who knew her was characterised by her determination and will to win.

Her journey to become a world champion is a long one, and full of twists and turns in both her professional and private life. Along the way, she attracted her share of detractors with her outspoken enthusiasm and self-promotion. There were also many, many and supporters as she competed her way into the record books and fought for recognition of the sport she loved.

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Books & DVD

Going Vertical DVD – Bob McTavish

The shortboard revolution of 1967 is the star of this feature-documentary. Who did it first, Bob McTavish or Hawaiian Dick Brewer? Or some other unsung hero? Who really kick-started the huge change from clunky longboards to today’s missiles? Who really saw what was needed and started carving feet off surfboards, allowing the barrel to be ridden and opening up the potential of the wave’s face. Not just straight-lining across the wall, but jamming, driving hard off the bottom and up into the lip. Cranking off the top, chucking buckets, or getting air.

The outcome is a fascinating and surprising story of radical men with radical lives, all driven by a passion… to set the surfer free to go where his mind could previously only dream.


The rise and fall and rise of Mark Occhilupo

He was the Raging Bull who helped put Australian surfing back on the map.

Bursting on to the surfing scene with a bang as a fresh-faced 17-year-old in 1984, Occhilupo brought a country to its feet in 1999 when he secured his crowning glory — the world surfing title. It was remarkable comeback for Occy, who went into hiatus in 1988, after swapping yoga and vegetarianism for cigarettes and the party lifestyle.

Reaching 109kg, a strenuous training regime under Jack McCoy was the start of his return. What followed was amazing as Occy ended the 1997 season behind Kelly Slater before becoming a national hero in Australia, when at 33, he etched his name into the history books by securing the world title.

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