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Stay tuned and up to date with minute by minute announcements leading up to the festival!

With over 11 trophy surf events such as King & Queen of the beach, 6 social all inclusive surf events such as Night Surfing, Stand Up Paddling and over 40 arts, music, fashion, film and social surf related activities….

Keeping in the know is of the upmost importance!

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Contest Directors Report Sunday 21 November

Global Surf Industries 2010 Manly Festival of Surfing

A fine and sunny all day with light NE winds and slight swell, as the final day for GSI’s Manly Festival of Surfing kicked off!

Finals for the Rip Curl Queen and King of the Beach was first in the water with Layne Beachley dominating the surf to take out the Queen of the Beach for the second time in a row- promising to compete until she makes it a clean 7 wins! The Rip Curl King of the Beach had the lead change multiple times between Beau Mitchell, Richie Lovett and Nick Riley. After an entertaining stoush Richie Lovett look out the converted yellow rashie with Beau second, Nick third and Blake Levett fourth.

In the spirit of the festival we had friendly surf off for the 4 Pines Brewing Co. Decades of Legends. Gary Birdsall who competed in the 1964 World Titles and Ray Moran jumped on a board, both almost 70 years old. Simon Anderson, Baddy Treloar, Bruce Channon and Nick Carroll showed they certainly haven’t lost it from the old school crew. Then Barton Lynch, Layne Beachley, Jack Enthwhistle and Kingsley Looker from the younger crew all having fun in the sun.

Next we had a display of old hollow timber boards the Old Manly Boatshed’s Tooth-pick Surfboard riding, with displays from Tom Wegener, Matt Fleming, Andrew Callaghan and David Callaghan.

The Quiksilver Air Show was on next with the young grommets showing us the new style of getting airborne with speed and skill and making the jumps look so easy anybody could do them. Young Ben Hamilton pulled the biggest air in this event and Beau Walker runner up.

The GSI Finless Seaglass event was up next with young local Scott Walker taking this one out with Blakey, Jamie Willems and Spencer Hayes in good form as well.

The Wharf Bar Celebrity Surfing exhibition had a variety of competitors from ex World Champions Layne Beachley, Barton Lynch and Damien Hardman to iconic surf industry legends, surfer and shaper Simon Anderson, Baddy, writer Nick Carroll with the addition of 4 x Olympian downhill skiing Steve Lee. For a change of pace we brought in our own politicians of Mike Baird and Tony Abbott. We also through in some TV personalities such as Lochie and Andrew Daddo and Dave and Pete Evans, with the boys having a humorous time in fun little waves to finish off the day.

Overall, the festival was a great success and as the slogan goes “Life is better when you Surf”

Lynden Riley – contest director

Contest Directors Report Saturday 20 November

Global Surf Industries 2010 Manly Festival of Surfing

Winds still South, and a beautiful sunshine all day.

Started off with the GSI SUP Surfing which had the best of the waves all morning with the final placings all stars in their own: 1. Matt Grainger 2. Richie Lovett 3. John Christensen 4. Andrew Cassidy.

Next was the GSI SUP Race which was taken out by stand-out Jamie Willems.

The Hotels Steyne’s Mens Longboard followed, with a great contest won by Issac Fields 2. Paul O’Grady 3. Tom Wentworth and 4th Lynden Riley – our contest director.

The Hotel Steyne’s Womens Longboard was next with the glamorous Sam Walker taking the trophy! Placings also went to 2. Racheal Fleming 3. Sue McComb 4. Ali Fleming.

Surfections Tandem Exhibition was very popular with the crowd with people lining the water front through-out the entire 30 min heat. Fantastic surfing and skill from all 4 pairs.

The Young stars (Under 14 Gromets) were so hyped up it was fantastic. Certainly some world champions in the making!

As the slogan goes “Life is better when you Surf”

Lynden Riley – contest director

MFOS Blog 15 November

Just announced!

Hero Peter “Beatle” Collins will thrill festival goers with his sculptured piece ‘Wave out of Water’ on display during the Festival at Manly Wharf Forecourt udring the festival!

Peter “Beatle” Collins

Title: “Wave out of Water”

Dimensions: 5.5 x 1.6 x 2m high

Materials: Steel, concrete, mesh, sticks (more…)

MFOS Blog 30 October

The prize packs have been bundled….

Gotta be in it to win it! $10,000 worth of prizes up for grabs….

Dont hold us to it  though- things change (just like the surf)…

But here’s what we have so far! (more…)

MFOS Blog 11 October

Holy Smoke!

Places for the festival’s favourite event the ‘kombi rally’ are filling fast, with numbers restricted on the beach front promenade!

Jump on-line and register your vintage VW now to ensure you grab pole position!

MFOS Blog 26 September

The National Surfing Reserve movement has declared Manly Beach as a National Surfing Reserve in September 2010, acknowledging and appreciating its influential history of surf culture.

With this award we aim to see Manly as top of mind as the birthplace of surfing, complimented by the widest range of surf activity in Australia, in the most atmospheric and picturesque surfing village – Manly Beach – Australia.

MFOS Blog 24 September

With only 7 week to go, surf fever is mounting as competitors go all out to prove they’ve got the goods for grab a place in some of the Manly Festival of Surfing’s invite only events.

Contest director Lynden Riley announced today that on-line registration is now open for invitational events!

The Festival team is working closely with local boardriding clubs, QBC, North Steyne, Manly Mal Club and numerous other coordinators across different surf styles to ensure we have the ‘best of the beach’ represented!